savrr will help you manage your

Digital Gameeya

Our app allows you to create a digital Gameeya with your friends and family.

Key Features

We created this app to help people better manage their Gameeya. Add friends and family and save money together!

Money Pools

Create unlimited pools and invite your friends and family to join you.

Easy to Customize

Choose your monthly subscription amount and track payments.

Modern Design

Managing a Gameeya is hard, our minimal design will make it easier.

Personal Savings

Looking to buy something new? Easily track your personal savings.

Save Money with Your Friends

Watch our tutorial to learn how to create, invite, and manage a digital "Gameeya" with your friends and family.

Track Your Pool's Subscriptions

As an admin, you can easily track who paid the monthly subscription. No one else can know who contributed and who didn't.

Manage Multiple Pools

With Savrr you can easily create multiple pools and manage them at the same time. Perfect for big families and large groups of friends.

What Our Users Are Saying?

Managing my Gameeya is now easier with Savrr, everyone is paying on time!!

Ahmad El Abdallah

Finally, I was able to buy the new dress I wanted for a long time. Thanks Savrr!

Emam El Ali

The app is very easy to use and requires minimal time to set up. Great App!

Jamil Mohammad

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily find our app on both the Android and the Apple store. Download and start inviting your friends to your new Gameeya now!

The app is completely for free, and the best part is, it’s ADS free as well.

No. The app was built to help people better manage existing Gameeya or create new ones with their friends and family. Usually the pool admin will have to collect subscriptions on a monthly basis from users. 

The app will randomly generate a name each month and will inform the app subscribers via notification. App admin that have collected the cash will have to deliver the money to that person.

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